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  Massive Navy Database of Civilians Prompting New Domestic Spying Fears
Fox News Your World

Ban Babies? Chef Mulls Policy After 8-Month-Old Cries Through Dinner
Fox News Insider Website Click here to view video

Schools postponing final exams over Garner, Brown cases
Fox News Website
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Studio B with Shepard Smith
Your World with Neil Cavuto
Now In America with Vinnie Politan
Casey Anthony Trial
British Airways Strike
Adverse Possession
Dividing the Marital Home
Selling the Marital Home in a Divorce
Ex-Finance wants the ring back
Divorce Parties???
Montage clips on Court TV
In Session with Ashleigh Banfield
With Vinnie Politan Trial Talk
With Mike Galanos News Talk
With Vinnie Politan Trial Talk

The World of TJ McCormack
- LAtalkradio.com (Channel 1)
Date aired: Thursday, March 26, 2009
FOX News Radio
- Amy & Ed Show (KFBK 1530 Sacramento)
Date aired: Friday, August 6, 2010
The Raphie Radio Show 92 Profm - 97 BHT
- MJ Custody Scenarios (Radio)
- Kanye West/TMZ photog case (Radio)
- Chris Brown's plea (Radio)